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Get expert assistance and companionship whenever and wherever you need it. Train your own AI avatars and unlock your true potential.

24/7 Assistance and Companionship

Access expert help and companionship whenever and wherever you need it with our AI avatars.

Connect with experts and companions worldwide, regardless of location or background.

Train AI Avatars with your data

Collect, Train, Interact. For the most personalized AI digital avatars.


Rapidly import and automatically integrate data

Quickly import data through various methods such as bulk import, daily writing, and API integration, allowing your AI avatar to have access to more information and knowledge.


Specifically trained with personalized

Our AI Avatars are not just any generic bots - they are specifically trained with your data to create a personalized and authentic experience.


Human-like Interactions

Our AI avatars interact with you like a real person, with emotions, style, and humor. Get ready for personalized, human-like interactions that will make you forget you're talking to a machine.

Get started today

Get started today

Public Avatars

Talking with celebrities, consultants, friends at any time.

    Simple pricing, for everyone.

    You can request a refund at any time if you genuinely feel that the service is not valuable.


    Get help, advice, companionship anytime, anywhere, achieve personal growth and better know yourself.

    $0 / month

    • Create up to 3 avatars
    • Send 1000 messages per month
    • Write 1000 memos per month
    • Available when demand is low
    • Standard response speed
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    Unlimited features, amplify your potential infinitely.

    $6 / month

    • Unlimited avatars
    • Unlimited messages
    • Unlimited memos
    • Pro API for integration
    • Available even when demand is high
    • Faster response speed
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